New Limited Edition Prints "Hood Santa: Ricky Ross"

"Hood Santa: Ricky Ross" - This is a year in the making. Found a bunch of vintage wrapping paper last year and wanted to do this, but never got inspired enough. Absolute huge Ross fan, as soon as I saw the Santa paper I knew it needed to be Rozay's beard. That's what kicked everything off. This is available only through me as a limited edition print. There will only be 20 available as a 40" x 30" gallery wrapped print. Each is $300 and comes hand signed, numbered, ready to hang with free domestic shipping. Inquiries and ordering through email only:

Big News

Greetings guys and gals,

I apologize in advance for the novel, but thought I would share some pretty big personal news with you all.

On October 12th I will finally be undergoing a much needed and long awaited second -- and hopefully last -- shoulder surgery to repair an old hockey injury. This one is much larger in scale than the one I had done in 2005, as it is a total reconstruction (also known as a latarjet procedure). The recovery for this procedure is six months with 6-8 weeks of complete immobility. Though I am hopeful for a speedy recovery, I will inevitably be unable to create art for at least the first couple of months following the surgery. With that being said, I just wanted to give you all a heads up in case anyone has any last minute print /original purchases you've been considering, or commission work you'd like done, which would greatly help me put some cash away for bills and such while I'm out of commission. This is a great opportunity to get some one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts out of the way really early ;)

I appreciate everyone taking the time to read this update. You can find a complete listing of my gallery wrapped prints here: If you're interested in pricing and sizing of commissions and originals please shoot me an email here:

Much love everyone and thank you for the continued support.



Kyle Mosher New Work 2016

Here's a little sneak peek at some of the new work for 2016. Please direct all inquiries here:

Kyle Mosher x Boston Skyline Art

No matter where I live, Boston will always have a special place in my heart. Boston is hard, it's cold, and it's unforgiving. It's also beautiful and rich in history. The oldest part of our nation. It shaped who I am. It chewed me up and spit me back out on many occasions. I remember, at times, not having enough money for food or gas. I am forever grateful for all the hard lessons it taught. My newest giclee gallery wrapped print, "Beantown" available in 4 different sizes. Starting at $150, comes hand signed, ready to hang, with free domestic shipping. I do have a black floating frame option available on all sizes as an added extra. Email only for all inquiries:

Mike's Harder Contest Voting - I Need Your Help!

I need your help! I absolutely HATE this part of my job, but I really need your help. If you guys could shoot me a vote for this Mike's Harder Can Design Contest I'd be forever grateful. You can vote once a day and it only takes a second! Forgive me as I will probably post this a few more times. Voting ends December 16th. The grand prize is my work on the can and $10,000! They will be picking 3 winners total. I very much appreciate your time and if you help spread the word. It is against the contest rules to give anything away in exchange for votes or else I'd give everyone a print. All I have to offer is my deepest thank you! Click the link below to see my entry and cast your vote.

New Body of Work for 2016

I am constantly pushing myself to grow as an artist. For those who are familiar with my work, I am headed in a new direction for 2016 and beyond. My signature aesthetic will not change, but the style and subject matter will be slightly different. When I set out on this journey seven years ago my goals were completely different. I achieved everything I wanted and more. Now, I have new goals and a new vision for my art. My goal for 2016 is to push my work in a more conceptual and sophisticated direction. There will be a heavy Cy Twombly and Rauschenberg influence. Lots of stylized visual story telling and symbolism. Also, there will be a lot of really large paintings in terms of size. I am currently working closely with a New York City gallerist for the direction of this new body of work. I am really stoked to spread my wings creatively and embark on this new direction. 

Live on NPR WFAE Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins

‪#‎CLT‬ people and beyond; I'll be live on NPR "Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins" this coming Monday at 9am. Here are the details if you want tune in: People can listen on 90.7 FM or stream the show from can send in questions and/or comments via social media. We can be found on Twitter @WFAE, on Facebook by our name & Instagram @wfaepublicradio. They can also email us at SUBJECT: art

Audio for the show will be available for listening, downloading and sharing the same day as our show, around noon

Tyler Greene Presents: Kyle Mosher

A couple months ago a student by the name of Tyler Greene from Queens University here in Charlotte reached out to me to be apart of a documentary she's filming for one of her classes about emerging artists and what it takes to succeed. Super honored to be apart of something like. Watch my excerpt below, I touch on everything from embracing the struggling, over-coming adversity like negative family members, and what inspires me.

Heist Brewery x Kyle Mosher

Last night was crazy! Thanks to everyone that came out, I really appreciate the support. If you weren't able to make it, my show will be hanging until March 5th. You can see the pieces that I created exclusively for the show below. There are 4 paintings from the show that are not pictured, but they will be added soon. Interested in picking something up for your collection? Everything is available on my SHOP page here!

Bridge Series Flash Sale

I'm doing a flash sale on my best selling prints, the Bridge Series. I'm offering them at Buy 1, Get 1 free! Buy one of the Prints and you get the 2nd one in the series free. These pieces are each 36" x 12" and the cost is $35 + $15 domestic shipping charges.  There are only 3 left of each, so they will sell out today. If interested you need to send me an email,, and I'll send over an invoice. These will ship this week. 

Kyle Mosher x Smelly Cat Coffee and Pinkys

I recently did a series of abstract paintings for Charlotte staples Smelly Cat Coffee and Pinky's Southend Grill. Here is a preview of a few of them. I'll drop more with higher quality photos in the coming weeks. These are all for sale on my SHOP page as well as at each location.